Improving Credit Scores and Cash Flow

Jul 13 12:00 pm — 1:00 pm

Event Details

Having good  credit is essential, especially if you need a loan. This webinar will look at the credit repair process and provide some tips on how you can check your report, watch and control your credit score, and find out the difference between the score and the report. 

This is also an important time to understand and manage your cash flow and the true state of your business financials. If you don’t have an honest picture of where your business is at financially, you can’t make sound decisions around next steps or know what is possible. Knowing your numbers can also help you cut costs and aid you in planning your future. This workshop will guide you through the essential steps to making an honest assessment of your business right now.

Topics covered:

  • Getting your Report
  • Identifying Quick Fixes
  • Where to get free scores and reports
  • How to heal and repair your report
  • What financial reports are important for your business
  • Simple methods for building financial reports
  • What banks look for in small business financials 
  • How to use financial reports in your business

About the Instructor

Joe Rodola has 47 years of experience in financial services and credit counseling.