BUSINESS BALANCE: The Creativity in Productivity, Skills, Strategies and Synergies

Aug 26 1:00 pm — 2:00 pm

Event Details

Everyone wants to grow their business. Yet sometimes people can lose traction or have difficulty setting priorities.  This workshop will explore the three Ss of creative empowerment–skills, strategies, and synergies–as a way to take charge of one’s current life as a creative entrepreneur and unlock opportunities for professional advancement.

2021 is the time to hone in and take steps toward the creative entrepreneur within you. Participants will explore common blocks, demystify creativity as something only for artists, and help you tap into that which you long to do. 

Cost: FREE 

Available only in English

What you will learn:

  • Explore dreams/desires to create a business that fire you up
  • Identify skills that promote growth in your endeavors
  • Discover strategies that move your goals forward
  • Understand how synergies relate to skills, strategies, and your goals

About the Instructor

Dr. Diana Rivera is the owner of Creative Empowerment Coaching and Facilitation, as well as Empowerment Psychology, a professional psychology corporation.  Her practices are based in Los Angeles, CA.  She specializes in creativity in human development and enterprise.