Volare Aerial Imaging

“It’s been a real confidence booster to have someone as a sounding board and help connect to local companies so it’s really helped me stay motivated”.

Lorenzo Rota’s drone business soars to new heights with SBDC’s support.


Volare Aerial Imaging is a drone services company in Mendocino County, owned by Lorenzo Rota. The company provides services to agriculture, construction, and utilities, and specializes in aerial photography, videography, and mapping.


Before starting his business, Lorenzo had experience using kites for aerial photography but found that drones were game-changers. He started connecting with local businesses on the central coast and began using drones for inspecting wind turbines and mapping local farms in the Santa Cruz/Monterey area.


Lorenzo sought support from the SBDC to help him navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the drone services industry. With the SBDC’s support, he focused on expanding his business and increasing sales by optimizing direct-to-consumer sales and expanding his business from local to regional and national sales.


As a result of his efforts with the SBDC, Volare Aerial Imaging has experienced an increase in sales and an increase in part-time staff. Looking forward, Lorenzo plans to expand his business by upgrading his production and hiring more staff. His ultimate goal is to open a retail space in Ukiah where he can share his knowledge of drone services through workshops and events.